Backus MN Farm & Wild Game Processing

Whether you need venison processing or are looking for a butcher shop in Backus MN, call us today! Full-service, great pricing. 218-947-4220

Backus Locker is a locally owned and operated meat market in Backus, MN dedicated to customer service. We serve a 50-mile radius including Brainerd, Park Rapids, Longville, Minneapolis and Duluth, MN. If you need meat processing, we are your premier choice. We offer cutting, boning, paper wrapping, freezing, vacuum sealing, smoking and sausage services, depending on the meat. All animals are custom cut to your specifications, and we keep everyone's meat separate!

Meat Processing Services:

Farm Processing For:

  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Goat and Lamb
  • Buffalo
  • Poultry

Wild Game Processing For:

  • Venison and Mule Deer
  • Antelope
  • Bear
  • Moose and Elk

With over 68 years in business, you can trust our friendly and knowledgeable staff for quality service and products. Along with farm and wild game processing, we offer poultry and fish, cheese, lunchmeats, homemade jerky and gift certificates. Contact us to learn more today!

Smoking: Including Fish & Poultry

Are you looking for smoked fish or poultry in Backus, MN? Smoking meat and fish adds a distinct flavor. Whether you need fish smoking or turkey smoking, call us today.Beef and poultry processing

Emergency Butchering

At Backus Locker, we offer emergency butchering services. Your satisfaction is our top priority so call now for prompt service.

After Hours Bear Skinning

Do you need bear skinning? We are available after hours to skin your bear. Don't hesitate to call us today!

Extended Hours During Our Fall Busy Season

Fall is our busy season. We offer extended hours in the fall in order to serve you better!

Sunday Meat Load Outs By Appointment

For your ultimate convenience, we even offer meat load outs on Sundays by appointment. If you need meat services on Sunday, contact us for an appointment.

Call Backus Locker in Backus, MN today at 218-947-4220.

Service Areas Include: Backus, Brainerd, Park Rapids, Longville, Staples, Bemidji, and Minneapolis MN